Dr. Renita Webb

Dr. Renita L. Webb is a native of Durham, NC, wife, and mother of 4. She attended Elon University where she became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and graduated with a BA in English: Literature. After graduation, she began teaching and coaching. She earned MEd in Education Administration with Grand Canyon University. Soon after she entered school administration as an assistant principal.
In 2012, Renita became the inaugural principal of an elementary charter school in Durham, NC where she served a 5 year tenure. That same year, she also walked into her call to gospel ministry. Renita received her PhD in Leadership in Education Administration from Capella University the next year.
In 2015, Renita became the Founder of a non-profit organization, The Refining Life, Inc. Dr. Webb published her first book in 2016, Stepmom: Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs.
On March 31, 2019, Dr. Webb was crowned Mrs. Black NC USA 2019. Her platform is "Realizing Refinement", which is a branch from her non-profit organization. The mission of The Refining Life is to provide experiences so that people can have their mindsets shifted so they can live more positive and productive lives. “Realizing Refinement” takes that mission and focuses on helping people realize when they are in refining processes (mind, body, and soul) and when they need to make refining processes happen. The process of refinement brings change and purity. It is not always easy, it does not always feel good, but it is always purposeful and necessary.
Today, Dr. Webb is the Program Director for Champions Academy and an Educational Leadership Strategist. In addition to that work, she is enjoying her family, speaking, training, writing, mentoring, producing events, and rejuvenating her love for the performing arts.