Ebenezer Performing Arts Center

The Ebenezer Performing Arts Center (EPAC) is currently enrolling students. Classes currently offered are Piano, Guitar and Drums.

Our Mission

The Ebenezer Performing Arts Center (EPAC) will serve to introduce a diversity of talent to the church and the community.  It will serve as a training center to educate and enhance skills in a variety of art forms such as —

instrumentalist, vocal training, creative dance and expression, art, sculpture, and  exercise.

The principal means by which EPAC achieves its mission include:

¨ Operating and utilizing the Ebenezer Center for Christian Opportunity (ECCO) to provide a first-class performance venue.

¨ Presenting artistic programming of the highest quality and bringing renowned artists to Burlington.

¨ Providing arts education and programming to serve the interests of the     community.

Education is a life-long pursuit open to interested learners of all ages and experience levels. Our goal is to engage children, teens, and adults in the artistic process, cultivate appreciation of the performing arts, and make the performing arts a vital and integral part of our community life.

Mrs. Bonnie J Pride: Piano Instructor
Mrs. Pride graduated from Spellman College in Atlanta, GA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. While at Spellman she played for the Glee Club. Bonnie has taught piano lessons for a number of years. She also plays for the Ebenezer Heritage choir.
She is married to Gregory Pride and they have two daughters Candice and Crystal.

Mr. Ellis B Brooks Jr: Guitar Instructor
Mr. Brooks is a native of Siler City, NC and currently resides in Pinehurst, NC. He is married to Nydia Brooks. Mr. Brooks graduated from the University at Pembroke, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music. He is a skillful and talented musician and has been playing music for over 30 years. As a Music Educator, he has been teaching in the music field for more than 15 years. His goal is to minister God’s message through music and to develop an appreciation for all the arts within the hearts of all students.