Board Reports

August 2018 Board Reports

Business Manager / Operations
September 16, 2018

I. Building & Facility
• ECCO/EPAC, Sanctuary, The Place – Over the past month, our ECCO activities included a few rentals (i.e., Mighty Tenorneers, Wedding and Family Reunion); several non-rental events, (i.e., Alamance Racial Alliance, Community Day clothes give away, Summer Institute sessions, free photography classes, weekly Soul Line Dancing, basketball); as well as our regular ministry activities (i.e., WGI, SAM, Open Gym). The sanctuary use was the norm (i.e., choir practices, ministry meetings, Bible study, Sunday worship services) and The Place was also about the same.
There were several repairs and maintenance activities completed, including painting Sanctuary bathrooms, repairing ECCO chairs, fixing doors at the Place and in the Fellowship Hall. We also had contractors look at the needed ECCO gutter repairs, the Place ramp and the EPAC team requests (i.e., lights, drapes, and curtains).

• Transitional Homes, Rental properties – The Dream Center repairs are complete and the additional HVAC issues were resolved with the purchase of a new HVAC system. Depending on the tenants, a few move-in items (i.e., sheets, towels, bedding) will be needed.
Our Apple street rental is still going well with only minor porch repairs remaining and a future floor concern that will eventually need to be addressed. Our Elizabeth St tenant is currently taking steps to move out and should be out of the house soon. The Hope house and both M&E houses are occupied.
There was a break-in at the men’s M&E house last month, but no suspects were identified. The door/lock problems were repaired and additional surveillance measures are being put in place.

• ECA – No major concerns. We were able to get the floors striped, cleaned and waxed before school opened. While more shelving in three classrooms remain, there were some adjustments to ease the initial shelving concern. There is one new concern with the outside pond area that we will need to think through and we are also considering another Lawn care team for this location.

• Vehicles and Transportation: Several minor repaired were addressed: (i.e., tail lights, service, oil change, tires). We also have other items that are pending (i.e., Church van – alignment, M&E vans – check out axle and anti-brake lights; ECA van – check engine light). Vehicle registrations are in progress. We also received a car donation from the Copeland family during the month.

II. Inventory & Supplies
No concerns.

III. Staff / People / Volunteers / Processes
The EUCC operations remain Monday – Thursday, 8:30 – 4:00pm and Sunday from 7:00 – 1:30pm. The CA afterschool operations of Monday – Friday, 2:30 – 5:30pm will resume on October 1st. Other hours are based on prescheduled events and appointments only.


Deacon Family Ministry
September 13, 2018

Sick & Shut-In-
Ms. Marva Bowers at Moses Cone undergoing evaluations. She is with her daughter, Sharon.

The following members are at home: Deaconess Kim (Deacon Chris) Miles, Bertha Villines, Bonnie Johnson, Emma Rogers, Sarah Stanfield, Bernadette Fuller, Anna Dobbs, Delayne Foust, Deacon David Ramseur, Yvette Hurdle and Carolyn Cooper.
Pray for these and others in nursing homes: Marian Harvey, Maxine Sellars, Virginia Sellars (and her friend, Joyce Hepburn), Sidney Corbett and Pauline Hazell.

Deacon Raymond Evans, father of Tara Evans, Lawrence Fortner, uncle of Rev Lisa (Mark) Jackson, Theodore McCollum, brother of Mark (Rev Lisa) Jackson, Sofronie Stewart, niece of Javas (Laura) Graves, Gloria Mae Gray, sister of Mary Moore, Sylvia and Simme Long, sister and brother-in-law of Beatrice Gore, Ricky Tony Lee, son of the late Deacon Reid and Deaconess Lucille Lee and, Joyce Alston, stepmother of Rezell (Michelle) Alston.

Continue to pray these who have lost loved ones: Edward Lee Coble, brother of Howard (Carolyn) Coble, Liller Mathis, sister-in-law of Willie (Eunice) Mathis, Annie Mae Gant, sister-in-law of Clarence Gant Mary Bozeman and Estrudia Hooper, sister of Randell Whitaker and Dimples Whitaker.

*Please report incidents of sickness, recovery, death and other needs in a timely manner to your Deacon Family Ministry or call Deacon OC Blount, Chairman.

New Members-
Yondi Johnson, Dr Rochelle Ford, Jestine S Jordan, Ella Raye Johnson, Jonathan Williams and Lewis Sellars
Ebenezer Meals on Wheels- Thanks to James Daye, Kay Eason, Melvin Graves and John Crawford who delivered the week of August.

Deacon Encourager Security-

Church Security-
Deacons, Trustees, and others have a planned ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) Meeting October 13, 2018 10am-12pm at EUCC.

Pastor’s Itinerary
9/12-15 7pm New Hope Baptist Church-Greensboro, NC
9/27,28 7pm Ebenezer Baptist Church-Greensboro, NC
9/23 5pm Hour of Power
10/6-Communion Saturday Delivery
10/7-Communion Service-8am and 11am


Excel Community Association of Alamance Inc. (ECAA Inc.)
Champions Academy
August, 2018 Report

2 Current Employees
Staff: Jarrell Jones, Director
Bookkeeper: Faye Graves
Van Drivers: Vacant
Custodian: Vacant
Days of operation: Monday – Thursday 2:30pm – 6:00pm

The summer enrichment camp was a success this summer and closed on August 11th. We served students from schools all over the county. Our after school program will begin on October 1st. We are looking to serve 120 students this year and build upon the momentum of the summer. The program has recently purchased a smartboard and 10 laptop computers for our program.

Submitted by Jarrell Jones, Director


Community Outreach Ministries and Programs
August 2018 Report

1. Benevolence: Each request is handled on a case by case basis by the benevolence process already in place.
2. H.O.P.E House: The house is currently occupied by one female tenant. The tenant is currently working and making progress in recovery. Tenant was placed on a 30-day probation during the month of August. The tenant agreed to the probation and understands that if she violates the agreement she will be terminated.
3. INEZ Guye Dream Center: The house is currently vacant and does not have a perspective occupant. At this time the house is currently in the final stages of repair after the water damage that took place due to a leak.
4. Manasseh and Ephraim: As of 7/1/18, there are 4 active residents. During the month of August, we received a new client into the program. 3 of the residents are currently working. We are currently taking referrals for new clients. Currently the men are going to meetings 6 days a week to aide in their recovery.
5. WELL: There are currently 7 residents. One mother and 6 children which range from ages 5-17 years old. The resident is currently looking for work and each of the children are enrolled in local schools.

Report Submitted by: Jarrell Jones, Director of Outreach


Recreation & Leisure

August – 2018

• August 9, 2018 had to show the ECCO Building for a Rental
• August 18, 2018 we had Community Day in partnership with BHA. This was a great event.
• August 19, 2018 ECCO Rental for a gospel singing
• August 25, 2018 we went to Raleigh to the Caribmask Festival. We had 17 people to attend the outing.


Pastor Michael Walrond III
Youth/ Young
August Report

– Sunday Youth and children’s attendance has been lower due to summer time activities
– We have been using our Live Curriculum on Sundays, all the teachers have been caught up on how to use it.
– Wed night classes for kids will return later this Fall

– Our annual Back to School Lock In was held on August 24th with 41 kids attending.

Future Events
– A college tour fundraiser is planned for October 6th with the college tour being early next year
– A full youth service will be held on 4th Sundays
– The youth will be going on a local missions trip in the near future


Christian Education


Sunday School/Fulfillment Hour
Attendance Record

Class 08-05-2018 08-12-2018 08-19-2018 08-26-2018
Primary ** ** ** ** **
Intermediate ** ** ** ** **
Teenagers ** 0 3 2 0
Adults 17 12 20 15
Men of Wisdom 0 8 12 11
Adult Women 9 3 4 4
New Members 0 0 4 0
Men of Vision N/A N/A N/A N/A
Week Totals 26 26 42 30

Notes: N/A means the class was either cancelled or not in session.
** Combined Primary, Intermediate and/or Teens Class.

August Updates: Sunday School books for September, October and November were distributed.

Min. Shawana O. Emehel
Director of Christian Education