Youth Mentoring

Boys to Men & Girls As Precious Pearls

Our Mission
We will assist young men and women in pursuit of spiritual wholeness, learn how to be committed to the word of God, dedicated to Christ-like living and guided by the Holy Spirit’s leading. We will expose them to practical life skills that will further assist them in being educated and empowered young men and women of excellence. We will match them with mentors who will encourage them, enhance their Boys to Men or Girls as Precious Pearls experience and be supportive in their lives beyond the program.

Our Objective
Our objective is to assist teenaged men and women in their growth and development during this very crucial point of change in their lives. We will sow Christian seeds in their lives so that the world can reap the benefits of their purpose driven lives.

Our Program
Our program is a preparatory course in personal development. For 6 months, they will be educate don both technical and practical life enhancing skills through the use of written materials, participation in enrichment sessions and hours of hands-on training by a team of mentors and carefully selected instructors. The program is designed to equip them with a defined sense of self and purpose that leads to a more disciplined, faith based, spirit-filled life.
We provide three ceremonies to commemorate the commitment and dedication of the young men and women in our program. To begin, we hold an Initiation Service in the fall where they take an oath of intent to wholeheartedly participate in the mentoring and development process. In January, after an intense month of study on the topic of Sexual Behavior; intended to lead to a decision to “wait on their mate”, they take part in a Purity Pledge Ceremony. They are given purity rings to wear as a reminder of their commitment to abstinence until marriage. Lastly, they are given a graduation gala to honor their completion of our program. We celebrate their commitment to self-development and the process of being mentored.

The development program is completed after the 24 weeks of sessions, however, the process of development continues, and not only are the graduates still being mentored, they are trained in the process of peer mentoring and assume a leadership role with the new class of Girls as Precious Pearls and Boys to Men. They will be pair with a young man or woman in the fall and will serve to enhance the newcomers experience by sharing the knowledge they have gained from the program. The young men and women are also expected to continue growing stronger in the faith and more committed to their goal of abstinence by participating in the summer sessions of scripturally based lessons on sex. We want to impact the lives of these young people until the day they leave home for college. This program becomes a family for the children who come to it, a family that they can rely on and turn to to help them understand and deal with life a little better.