Member of the Month

August Member of the Month

On August the 3rd in 2018, we were blessed by the membership of sister Valerie Enoch to our Ebenezer family! Since that day, we have benefited greatly from the warmth of her personality and by the tremendous gifts that she possesses!

Sister Valerie is not only a professional sister of distinction, she is also gifted to play the piano and she has a beautiful spirited singing voice. Sister Enoch is a part of the Voices of

Glory choir, the Voices of Heritage choir, the Praise Team, as well as a participant in the Women’s Day choir. She is indeed a joy to be around and is always positive in spirit.

Sister Valerie is indeed a blessing to this family of faith and we are thankful for her presence among us! She is a wife, a mother and a loving grandmother.

Help me celebrate Sister Valerie Enoch as our August 2018 member of the month!!