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Member of the Month

Deaconesses Maxine Sellars, Alma Pinnix, Lillian McDowell and Sylvia Martin

Today I am very proud to honor four of Ebenezer’s finest! These four ladies have proven themselves to be

consistent, sold out servants for the Savior. God has richly blessed Ebenezer with some devoted mature sisters that can serve as role models in the tradition of the scriptures for younger women to look up to. Sisters Sellars, Pinnix, McDowell and Martin were all married to deacons in this church and along with them served faithfully in our deacon family ministry. All four couples served with distinction and dedication to the best of their abilities and their works do speak for them.

Even though they according to life and scripture are called “widows”; each of them are still as active as they can be. Sister Sellars is still “spry” as ever and still carries that beautiful smile and exuberant spirit. Sister Pinnix still possesses that warm and welcoming personality and sweet spirit. Sisters McDowell and Martin are still active in their regular attendance and          participation in ministry with the missionary ministry and with the choir ministry. Again, I say Ebenezer is blessed to have these four beautiful roses among us. Each one of them in their own way reflects God’s wisdom and God’s wealth that is beyond the price of “Rubies” and “Gold.”

So, as we think about the message of Easter-the Epitomy of sacrifice and success in spiritual services, let us think about triumphant testimonies of these four women and the roles that they are still playing for the kingdom, like the women that found themselves in the crucifixion and resurrection narratives. They were found faithful!`

Congratulations deaconess sisters Maxine Sellars, Alma Pinnix, Lillian McDowell and Sylvia Martin. You are our April members of the month!