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25 Aug 2017
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Member of the Month
Diamond Smith

Two years ago, while we were in worship for the watch night service, we received the news that one of our youth was involved in a serious accident. While walking with some friends she was hit by a vehicle and seriously injured. This accident sent this young lady’s life into a session/season of suffering and discomfort. There were days filled with suspense as to whether she would respond or not, and after months of hospitalization, rehabilitation and therapy the Lord blessed her to be relocated locally from the hospital to Alamance Health Care where she continued to make slow but steady progress and now she is back home with her number one fan-her supportive mother-Angela.

By now most of you know of whom I speak: Miss Diamond Smith. What a Warrior! What a miracle! What a personality! Prior to her accident: Diamond was a part of the Voices of Hope Choir as well as our youth ministry. To meet Diamond is to meet a bold, beautiful and a blessed passionate personality. Diamond possesses a rare but an inviting persona. She meets no strangers and she possesses the gift of gab. She is honest and open and a lot of fun.

Diamond is a determined young lady and we look forward to her walking again! She is not allowing her condition to stop her from revealing her goals. Diamond is attending Alamance Community College completing her education she is an inspiration to all of us here at Ebenezer and I am excited to present her as our member of the month!


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Daily Reading Schedule –

Monday August 14 Psalm 89, 90 Romans 13
Tuesday August 15 Psalm 91, 92, 93 Romans 14
Wednesday August 16 Psalm 94, 95, 96 Romans 15:1-13
Thursday August 17 Psalm 97, 98, 99 Romans 15:14-33
Friday August 18 Psalm 100, 101, 102 Romans 16
Saturday August 19 Psalm 103, 104 I Corinthians 1
Sunday August 20 Psalm 105, 106 I Corinthians 2
Monday August 21 Psalm 107, 108  I Corinthians 3