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Our church theme centers around us as a congregation being a great church     because we Serve! As I prayed and pondered about who to spotlight as our     December members of the month, my mind quickly led me to a humble, faithful couple that delights in serving together on the floors and in the isles of this church with noticeable consistency – Larry and Brenda Gwynn. On any given Sunday morning at 8:00AM, one can look up and see them at the doors welcoming and seating worshippers in the spirit of Christian Hospitality.

The Gwynn’s are usually available to serve at funerals and at other times when they are requested and occasionally they will serve when they are not on the schedule – Why? Because that’s what they were made to do. “Get in where you fit in” can describe this  couple’s devotion to their calling within the context of this congregation and they are a joy to work with!

As their servant leader, I have watched, witnessed and worked with them down through the years. I have noticed how they support each other in times of  sickness and sorrow and I have been greatly blessed by their companionship and devotion to each other and to each other’s families.

Ebenezer is indeed blessed to have such a wonderful couple serving together for the glory of God here at the Fellowship of Excitement! Congratulations Larry and Brenda: You are our December 2017 Members of the Month!


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Daily Reading Schedule –

Monday December 5 Daniel 1, 2 I John 4
Tuesday December 6 Daniel 3, 4 I John 5
Wednesday December 7 Daniel 5, 6, 7 II John
Thursday December 8 Daniel 8, 9, 10 III John
Friday December 9 Daniel 11, 12 Jude
Saturday December 10 Hosea 1, 2, 3, 4 Revelation 1
Sunday December 11 Hosea 5, 6, 7, 8 Revelation 2
Monday December 12 Hosea 9, 10, 11 Revelation 3