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Member of the Month
As I reflect on 22 years of ministry here at Ebenezer, my mind went back to coming to this church prior to being called to pastor and seeing this usher with a friendly smile and a hospitable spirit greet pastor Brown and I as we entered the building to participate in a funeral service. That person was a lady that I would later come to know, appreciate deeply and pastor named: Patsy Byrd.

Patsy is an integral part of this congregation and has been in a leadership role since before I became the pastor and she still is very active as an usher, a member of the board of directors and an advisor to our outreach ministries.

Patsy is an energetic person and she is one that loves to work, worship and witness for the Lord. Ebenezer is indeed blessed to have such a wonderful woman of God as a member.

Congratulations Patsy, you are our November 2017 Member of the Month.


Mondays & Fridays at 6:15AM
Call 857-232-0476  Conference Code 372344
Daily Reading Schedule –

Monday November 20 Ezekiel 14, 15 James 2
Tuesday November 21 Ezekiel 16, 17 James 3
Wednesday November 22 Ezekiel 18, 19 James 4
Thursday November 23 Ezekiel 20, 21 James 5
Friday November 24 Ezekiel 22, 23 I Peter 1
Saturday November 25 Ezekiel 24, 25, 26 I Peter 2
Sunday November 26 Ezekiel 27, 28, 29 I Peter 3
Monday November 27 Ezekiel 30, 31, 32 I Peter 4