Member of the Month
God has richly blessed Ebenezer with many gifted personalities and one such person that He has graced us with is one that is the epitome of “quite strength.” Brother Terry Maynard is such a person who walks in the integrity and the dignity of a committed Christian gentlemen. God positions people in places for various callings and reasons, some are placed just to be a “Barnabus” or an “Encourager” with the gifts of encouragement and helps. Brother Maynard is one of these role models that serves as a sermon on legs! It was said by one Christian author that, “I will rather see a sermon than hear one any day!” Whenever you see brother Maynard as he quietly takes his seat in the back and then makes his way faithfully to the Men of Wisdom Sunday School class after the 8am worship service – you have seen a sermon.

Brother Maynard leaves this campus to care for the love of his life, his dear wife: Sister Nancy Maynard, one whom he loves dearly.

I have had the privilege of being with brother & sister Maynard since 2010 and what a lovely couple they are. Ebenezer is blessed to not only have them but their daughter and granddaughter are members also – three generations!

This month, I wanted to lift up a role model for young brothers to look up to and yes God had gifted Ebenezer with a great member of committed brothers to faith, family and father but brother Maynard was placed on my heart to highlight as one that can proudly represent us all!

Congratulations to brother Terry Maynard: You are our January 2018 member of the month!


Chronological Bible Reading 2018

Monday January 15 Job 40, 41, 42
Tuesday January 16 Genesis 12, 13, 14, 15
Wednesday January 17 Genesis 16, 17, 18
Thursday January 18 Genesis 19, 20, 21
Friday January 19 Genesis 22, 23, 24
Saturday January 20 Genesis 25, 26
Sunday January 21 Genesis 27, 28, 29
Monday January 22 Genesis 30, 31
Tuesday January 23 Genesis 32, 33, 34
Wednesday January 24 Genesis 35, 36, 37
Thursday January 25 Genesis 38, 39, 40
Friday January 26 Genesis 41, 42
Saturday January 27 Genesis 43, 44, 45
Sunday January 28 Genesis 46, 47
Monday January 29 Genesis 48, 49, 50